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13 May
Cabal information

About ODO


ODO is one of the Founding Fifty cabals, which means we've been around since before TSW launched, and we're still going strong!

Our members

Our membership covers all levels of the game. We have veterans who have been around since TSW beta and new players who have only started playing SWL recently.
We have members who enjoy taking the game at a slow pace, we have people who love to PvP, we have hardcore raiders, achievement hunters, lore hunters, active RPers and people who just enjoy having a chat. As a cabal, we have tried to create a fun and friendly atmosphere where people can relax and unwind whilst enjoying the game. We also have many players who have strong links with the Sanctuary network. We believe that everyone should have fun playing Secret World, and if we can help out newer players, we will do so gladly. 

We have plenty of theorycrafters in the cabal, so questions about builds are actively encouraged! There are many veterans who can give advice and explain how different mechanics or encounters work - sometimes it's harder to get us to shut up than it is to get advice!. We have people running lairs, raids or dungeons on a daily basis, striving to help each other get achievements or just gear up. 

Cabal Management

The cabal is administered by a round table of officers and the Grand Master - a role that rotates through the officers. Instead of having one person holding all the power, we believe a more democratic order creates a better community for all involved. 

We do our best to resolve any problems that may arise within the Cabal. We are happy to support the initiative of any of our members, and try to help implement any good ideas people come up with!

Code of Conduct

In terms of what we don't do,  our golden rule is - as one of our members put it - "don't be a dick." We ask that our members respect each other and act with courtesy both in the Cabal as well as in the wider Secret World community.  We don't like elitism - it's an attitude which we try to discourage in our members. Instead of putting people down, we believe in constructive criticism and encouragement, to create a supportive community that is willing to work together to achieve great things!

Voice Comms 

Our Discord server provides a great place for people to chat and have fun, as well as help coordinate activities in the game. We have different social events which are planned so that anyone and everyone in the cabal can get involved.

13 May
Cabal information





ODO is always open to new recruits from all three factions, regardless of their experience level or time spent in-game. 

ODO is an 18+ cabal, this is for the legal safety of our membership and cabal status. Above all else, we are looking for solid members with positive, mature attitudes.


All members are expected to register and apply to ODO on the ODO website: omnedatumoptimum.red. In addition, members interested in role-playing are encouraged to post a character profile located in the RP forums. Members are expected to check the website frequently for news and announcements as well as upcoming events.

Members are encouraged to get involved and engage with each other on the Forums, ODO Discord server and in-game Cabal chat. 

The cabal list is periodically purged of inactive players. This information is generated based upon how recently the member has logged on the ODO website. Purges will be announced in-game and on the site in advance.


Omne Datum Optimum is led by a council of officers - the Grand Master and the Master Commanders who serve in a round table system. It is up to the officers to govern and regulate ODO, taking care of the daily management of the cabal. All officers have the authority to deal with matters as needed. The decisions of the Grand Master and the Master Commanders are final.

The position of the Grand Master rotates through the acting officers. Grand Master has the same responsibilities and privileges as Master Commanders. In the event of a tie in a round table vote, however, it is up to the Grand Master to break the tie. 

Master Commanders are the governing officers of ODO. It is their responsibility to take care of the day-to-day administration of ODO, to aid cabal members, moderate disputes, solve any problems that may arise and keep the cabal going on all fronts. 

Standard Bearers are Knights who have been asked to assist with certain tasks within the cabal. Standard Bearers are appointed by the Grand Master and the Master Commanders. Their responsibilities may include recruiting and inviting new members, helping to organize events and taking care of Cabal Bank requests. 

Knights are the full members of the cabal and the backbone of ODO, the reason it even exists. Knights have no administrative responsibilities, but they are encouraged to organize events and come forward with any suggestions if they see a chance to improve anything in the cabal. 

Squire is the trial rank of ODO. Every new recruit assumes the rank of Squire for the duration of 30 days after first joining ODO. This serves as a probationary period to see if the cabal is a good fit for them - and if they are a good fit for the cabal. 

In addition to being required to abide by Community Standards, members of ODO are expected to concede to the rulings and decisions of the Grand Master and the Master Commanders of ODO.

The ODO Bank

The ODO maintains a supply bank. Members are encouraged to donate any relevant items they can spare to the bank as it helps the entire cabal. The bank items are available to members with approval from a Master Commander or a Standard Bearer. Items received upon request from the bank are to be used responsibly on the character that made the request - they are not to be sold for in-game currency or passed on to a non-cabal player.

13 May
Cabal information

Community standards


Omne Datum Optimum is just a name, it is our members that make Omne Datum Optimum, the cabal. Our members are a direct reflection of what Omne Datum Optimum has to offer the Secret World community.

Members are encouraged to:

  1. Get involved with the cabal, post and share any ideas and suggestions regarding any in-game content or the Cabal. We will do our best to consider all ideas and, if possible, make it happen.
  2. Actively participate in group content. Our membership covers all levels of the game and we normally don’t impose restrictions or requirements on people to join any group activity. Joining group runs is the best way to explore new content and get to know your fellow cabal mates.
  3. Ask for help if they need it - be it for builds, theorycrafting, mission content, dungeons at whatever level, we strive to support all cabal members.
  4. Express any concerns they may have to the officers of the cabal, so we could tackle problems head-on.

Members are asked to:

  1. Always act in an honorable, polite and mature manner towards other members.  
  2. Refrain from any and all behaviour that would reflect negatively on Omne Datum Optimum. Cabal affiliation is publicly visible information and members are therefore representative of the cabal, and as such, are expected to treat all players with common decency and respect.
  3. Be honest and forthcoming about any problems they may encounter in the Cabal.
  4. Be helpful and courteous to lower ranking individuals in the game and help out fellow cabal members.
  5. Concede to the rulings and decisions of the Grand Master and the Master Commanders of ODO.

Members must refrain from:

  1. Knowingly exploiting the game.
  2. Any discriminatory behaviour based on race, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.
  3. Conversational debates on topics that might cause friction in in-game chat or Discord, unless agreed to by everyone present. Members are encouraged to chat on any and all topics they are interested in and to get to know each other better, but keep in mind that views on certain topics, such as politics or religion, might cause offence, even if unintentionally.
  4. Raging at other players and/or rage quitting. We understand that irritating situations can arise, but we expect our members to deal with any issues as calmly as possible. Bullying or rage quitting will not be tolerated.
  5. Making explicitly sexual or otherwise offensive comments. Joking around with someone you know is one thing, but it might not be for everyone in the cabal at large. Members must respect each other’s boundaries.  
  6. Abusing the Cabal Bank system. Items taken from the Bank are to be used responsibly, not to be sold for in-game currency or passed on to a non-cabal player.

Failure to comply with the Community Standards may result in disciplinary action.

Officer Code of Conduct 

1. Cabal officers are expected to adhere to the cabal’s Community Standards and are not exempt from disciplinary action. 
2. Officers must remain impartial and rational when solving any disputes or discussing any issue. 
3. An officer may not share the details of any ongoing dispute or disciplinary matter with cabal members whom it does not directly concern. 
4. All officers have the authority to deal with matters as needed, however;
5. A single officer can not give formal warnings for disciplinary action, demote or kick a cabal member without the knowledge and agreement of other officers, except 
a) when witnessing a provable gross violation, such as discriminatory behaviour, a member verbally abusing another or admitting to knowingly exploiting the game. 
b) in cases where the cabal member in question has already received a formal warning for demotion or a kick from the cabal, should the problem reoccur.

Disciplinary action

A violation of the Community Standards may be grounds for disciplinary action, that depending on the situation could be
- a warning
- a probationary period as Squire
- removal from the cabal

For officers, any violation of the Community Standards or the Officers' CoC may be grounds for disciplinary action, that depending on the situation could be
- a probationary period as Marshal;
- demotion to Standard Bearer or Knight, with or without the possibility of re-evaluation to be reinstated
- a probationary period as Squire
- removal from the cabal

where the decision is made by way of majority vote after a proper period for discussion, but no later than 10 days from when the incident was reported. In case of a violation of the Officers' CoC, the officer in question will abstain. 

Should the officer corps fail to decide on disciplinary action within 10 days from when the issue was reported, it will be understood that the matter is considered resolved and will not be up for discussion in the future. 

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