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By the order of Templar hall, Omne Datum Optimum, is authorized to assemble forces as required to engage the rising Darkness across the world. The Omne Datum Optimum officially represents Templar interests in respect to the War on Darkness.


Omne Datum Optimum, here after referred to as "ODO", is led by the Grand Master and the Master Commanders who serve in a round table system. It is the job of the Grand Master and the officers to govern and regulate ODO, taking care of the daily management of ODO including activities. All officers have the authority to deal with matters as needed. In all cases the decisions of the Grand Master and Master Commanders are final.

The Master Commanders are members who have determined to be those most dedicated to the progress and advancement of ODO as a whole. It is their job to interview and invite new members into ODO, aid existing members of ODO, moderate disputes, and help plan events. A governing officers position requires adequate attention as well as time to commit to the position and should not be taken lightly.

The Officers are members who are appointed to positions of authority by the Grand Master and the other Master Commanders to assist with leadership tasks within the cabal. These are members who have shown great leadership and dedication to ODO and have been asked to help with the administration of the cabal.

All members are to show proper respect to each other at all times. In addition, members are expected to concede to the rulings and decisions of the Grand Master and the Master Commanders of ODO.


ODO is the best option for Templar knights to join the fight against the rising darkness. All members are responsible for looking out for potential new members to ODO. Before bringing the individual to the cabal, the member should group with the individual in order to evaluate the potential of the recruit.

Once the member has decided the individual is ODO material, the member should discuss the cabal with the potential recruit, should they be interested, the member would send the individual to the website to register & "Apply to ODO", making certain that the member who recommended them is noted on the app.

ODO is an 18+ cabal, this is for the legal safety of our membership and cabal status. Above all else, we want solid members with positive, mature attitudes.

The ODO Bank

The ODO maintains a supply bank. The Bank items are available to deserving members. Funds are used to help fund ODO events.

In general, bank funds are not be used to make loans to members, although with approval from at least 3 master commanders, there can be exceptions for extenuating circumstances. Any monies loaned under these circumstances should be paid back asap.

Cabal money is earmarked for cabal expenses that benefit the membership as a whole. Members are encouraged to donate any items or funds they can spare to the bank as it helps the entire cabal.

Cabal Web Site and Forums


All members are expected to register and apply to ODO on the ODO website

In addition members interested in role play are encouraged to post a character profile located in the RP forums

Members are expected to check the web site frequently for News and Announcements as well as upcoming events.

Members are encouraged to get involved, post ideas, suggestions and assist others with information on builds, raids, quests, Etc. ODO is a teamwork based cabal, requiring its members to contribute to the success and fun of the cabal.

We periodically purge the cabal list of inactive players. This information is generated based upon how recently members have logged in to the ODO website. Purges will be announced in game and on the site in advance, giving members plenty of time to make sure they've logged in recently.

ODO TeamSpeak 3

ODO maintains a TeamSpeak 3 server for use by our members and their guests. 

In an effort to ensure everyone's comfort and enjoyment, whether in Teamspeak or in the cabal chat channels, we ask that you absolutely refrain from conversational debates which create friction especially on topics such as politics, religion, and so forth, unless it is an In-Character conversation. Please be aware that some topics can cause offence, even unintentionally. We ask our members to exercise discretion and to respect the feelings of their fellow cabal mates.


Failure to comply with the ODO Charter or Community Standards will result in disciplinary action.

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