02 August

Last day for lottery entries!

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If you haven't already entered the lottery for the Anima Touched Hammer of Energy MK III, then you only have one day left to do so!

The draw will be made tomorrow, and someone will find themselves with a very nice weapon!

28 Juli

One Month Into SWL for ODO

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One Month Into SWL

Well, it has been one month for Omne Datum Optimum in Secret Worlds Legends! We would just like to thank everyone for joining us in this grand experiment, ODO has come through the death throes of TSW and is now stronger that before, the trails of fire have passed and so, just to say to everyone, happy one month in!

We are beginning to organise more activities and our membership has grown strong, so keep an eye out for increased runs of elites and hopefully in the near future Lairs. We will help out those of all levels, so please, if you need anything, just ask in Cabal Chat.

Since the month has passed the promotions to knight will begin as well, but there are so many new faces, we will try to stay current with these.

All of the officers wish you, the great members of ODO all the best in the years, no decades to come! Keep ODO great, and let Secret World Legends shine!

21 Juni


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The time has nearly come, so here is some information for current members of ODO, to clear up a few things and make the transition stage easier.

We are going multi-factional, so roll whatever faction you like. The Cabal chat now is non-faction specific.

If you are a current member of ODO, to get an invite, just type /chat join odoinvite and ask for an invite, when we get things running. This should not be too long after early access starts.

If you have been a member in SWL beta but not in TSW you will have to fill an invite on the ODO site and we will get back to you ASAP.

We all have anticipated this greatly, so let's make SWL a new home and enjoy the game same as we have enjoyed TSW! Keep ODO great and sing against the winds of fate!

For the future!

17 Mai

The ODO End of Days Party!!

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The End of TSW Party!!

To herald the coming launch of Secret Worlds Legends, we're going out with a bang, not a whimper! To celebrate the occasion we will have a party! Scheduled for the 3rd of June around 10 pm GMT (Check Calender for your time) we will remember what was a great game in TSW and think forward to whatever SWL has to offer.

To mark the party various cosmetics that will transfer with your character will be given out... and for those staying in TSW, Huge Tracks of Signets will be supplied and we're not talking Barrage or Assasination!

So please folks, come one and all on this special evening, make ODO the great place you always have and bring in the new dawn with style :) Drinking will be encouraged, but not manditory and we might do a few world bosses or elite raids to see how far we get in a massively inebriated state :)

Thanks to all of you from all the officers for your most bodacious company so far and best wishes..... for the future!

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