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21 November

Introducing Kick Ass Points!

AWOL 11 Comments

Here at ODO, we're proud that we have members who regularly help each other out in all kinds of different ways. Thing is, because we're all spread out across different timezones, it's sometimes hard to know when people have been awesome and to give them the recognition they deserve. So we decided to do something about it!

That's why we have created Kick Ass Points! These KAPs are given out by members of ODO to members who have been kick ass! :D This may have been helping out in dungeons; helping with build advice; donating signets or materials; or just being a bright ray of sunshine in cabal chat. Each KAP will then act as a lottery ticket in special Kick Ass Lotteries that we'll have. The Kick Ass Lotteries will have (you guessed it,) kick ass prizes! These won't be regularly scheduled draws like the signet lottery, instead they'll be on a surprise timetable - you'll never know if there's about to be a draw, so don't wait to give out points!

Each member of ODO will be able to give out a maximum of 15 KAPs each week - but you can only give an individual player 1 KAP per week (so you can't just give one person all 15 KAPs!). Each extra person who gives a KAP to a member will also add 1% to their KAP total, so get points from 11 different people and you'll get 10% extra as a bonus!

If you aren't logged in to the site when you give out your KAPs, you'll need to log in later and confirm it really was you assigning them!
You can see who's been helping out by checking on omnedatumoptimum.red/nice-list or you can give out KAPs now at omnedatumoptimum.red/overview
You can also download a clever script that you can run from inside TSW to make giving out KAPs a little quicker and easier :D

Thank you all for being awesome!

04 November

The 2016 Purge approaches!

AWOL 12 Comments

The time has come for a purge of inactive members from the cabal list.

If you have not logged in to this site for more than a month, you may be on the inactive list. We will be purging the members list in game on the 27th of November. Make sure you aren't on the list!


24 October

Cabal Pride

HolloPoint 1 Comment

Cabal pride hit the big time on Saturday 22nd of October.

Many thanks to Nine Swords for organizing and to all the Cabals who attended. It was a fantastic night for those involved, especially ODO.

All the acts were most excellent, but ODO brought its special gift to the event in the form of "Mars the Bringer of War".

Well done to everyone!

ODO - Let there be light!!

27 September

Return of the Winter Prince

AWOL 4 Comments

The long summer has passed, now as we head into the darkness of winter, HolloPoint has again become Arbiter of the Council of ODO.

Dark days are indeed upon us, confusion has been sown at the table as the Seal of the Council and the ODO Sigil has gone missing! Nefarious agents may be involved, but rest assured bloody retribution will be enacted upon those who transgress the path of Omne Datum Optimum. The council will be relying on all the good members of ODO to carry us through these troubled times, but we carry on... the evolution of the new Templars does not break on the first rocks in its path.

20 June

New Arbiter of the Council for Summer.

HolloPoint 2 Comments

With the change from Spring to Summer, we once again have a new arbiter of the council in the form of AWOL.  Like previously, in suitable attire we held a celebration in Ealdwic Park and AWOL is now head of the council for the summer. Many thanks to all, may summer be fruitful to the good people of ODO. The torch is passed, true and proudly, undimmed, lighting the way to the future for ODO. 

AWOL the Third of ODO

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