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28 March

New Arbiter of the Council for Spring.

HolloPoint 4 Comments

Spring is in the air, so we have a new arbiter of the council in the form of Lady-Pyre. We had a small celebration in the park (in suitable attire) and so Lady-Pyre is now head of the council for the spring of this year. The new Templar's continue to gain momentum over the ways of the old guard and ODO continues to be a beacon of light versus the darkness thanks to its good members. Many thanks all, have a good spring as we move into the year, forthright and strong, proud and unbowed.

The Ceremony

01 December

The King is dead, long live The King!

Mr-Pyre 8 Comments

Today ODO had its first rotation of Grand Master position. This was done without much fanfare and without anouncement beforehand. Because this is the new norm, the GM seat is now rotated every 2 months between Master Commanders. No drama, no power stuggle, no hastle of finding a successor!

As HolloPoint takes his place as GM for the next 2 months and Hlopushka steps down, we witness a fundamental change. ODO is no longer dependant on a single person being there at the core ruling it all, but has become an organization which goes on on its own. This is because of all of you, wonderful members of ODO from Squire to Grand Master, who have made this cabal a part of you in TSW.

So a big thank you all and keep making ODO and TSW a better place for both cabalies and community at large!

Update: 1. February 2016.

Following discussion among the Members of the Council we decided that a 3 month seasonal term for each Master Commander is more appropriate. The change will occur on the 21st of December, March, June, and September. Not that we modern Templar's are a superstitious bunch, the changes on Equinox and Solstices will be more memorable and allow proper celebration in our druid attire we use on those days anyway <img alt=" /> HolloPoint will now continue until the 21st of March when the next MC will become arbiter of the round table in his place.

Thanks again ODO, we continue to go from strength to strength due to all your efforts.

20 October


demonolight 0 Comments

There was talk about setting up cabal run lair runs and world boss summonings. But before we go and start doing something we're having a cabal wide vote to see if there is enough interest. Here is the outlined system for lair run participation progression and loot.

Basic structure is a DKP system with people getting 1 point for participation in cabal run lair boss summoning. During world boss summoning people can spend all their points on a signet they want if they can outbid others. So basically a suicide kings system, but with points and not just a list.

Now for specifics, lair fragments also grant points. Cabal holds all fragments and they will be listed on the website.

Fragments are worth as follows:
Blue – 1 point
Purple – 5 points
World boss piece – 72 points

A planned lair run can withdraw the fragments they want, this will result in a total sum of points which is divided by total number of participants and withdrawn from their accounts. So a point score can theoretically become negative.

Upon completion of the run all fragments gained and unused are returned and the total from these fragments are then divided by number of participants and added to their personal accounts. So unless fragments are never returned or group ends up unable to kill the boss, every run should always give positive progression to all participants.

You can also sell fragments to the cabal for points for a maximum of 72 points per week, which is equivalent to a world boss fragment. This is however only valid for pieces that we have less than 10 of in stock. Any piece that cabal has more than 10 of in stock can be purchased for points or current going rate in PAX.

For now any loot except purple signets is distributed by need greed rolls. And it is currently undecided if signets can be bid on only by those present at the kill or anyone who has points. And of course anything outlined is subject to change.

Please vote and leave your comments in the thread dedicated to it on the forums.

01 October

New website features

demonolight 0 Comments

Our website got updated to newest version of the EQdkp plus software over the weekend as well as some other tweaks. This introduces a couple of new useful features:

The gallery can be accessed by obviously clicking on gallery in the menu to see the stuff uploaded so far :D

And if you want to share some stuff with the community, then you can upload and manage it by going to “My Media”. We will be updating FAQ with more details regarding this in near future.

My Media

You can now now add wings to your characters, and it will show up in character sheet and calendar. Information which is useful to know when doing AEGIS content.

Raid groups!
Everyone on core teams will now be automatically flagged with raid group when signing up in the calendar, making it easy for people to see who got priority spots.

Away mode!
You can now flag yourself as away when going to vacation or taking a break, this should automatically sign you of any raids or events during that period.

01 September

If your profile is broken

demonolight 0 Comments

We experienced problems with webserver on Sunday, which resulted in data breaking. Unfortunatelly we did not have backups setup right, so there is no way to restore and everyone has to go through their profile to check settings and make sure all characters are assigned.



Even if it all seems ok, I'd suggest to go in there and do a save just in case.

On the bright side, we have now fixed the issue with backups, upgraded the webserver, and made tweaks to the server settings. These changes should hopefully mean that we will see more stable preformance on the website.

Big thanks to iindie for helping us with these technical difficulties.

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